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Standing United to Protect our Healthcare Benefits

Monday, October 2, 2017
On Wednesday, hundreds of Suffolk AME members united together to fill the Suffolk Legislature. So many of you united together that there was not an empty seat in the room. Even the lobby was full. We came together around an important goal, protecting our health benefits. Emails were sent to legislators demanding that they protect our healthcare and I was proud to deliver hundreds more hand written letters at the meeting. Your unity and opposition to this measure was felt by the legislators who voted unanimously to table the proposal subject to call.  
This victory was because of the collective action of hundreds of AME members. We showed not only the Legislators, but also the County Executive that a united Suffolk AME is a loud voice. I was proud to represent all of you, proud of those who attended, and proud of those who spoke on record.  
While the bill was tabled, I am asking every Suffolk AME member to stay alert for future attacks. We must continue to be united and ready to fight back against any attempt to balance Suffolk County's budget on the backs of Suffolk AME members. We must continue to remind our elected representatives that Suffolk County Works Because We Do!