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Save Your Pensions, Vote No on a NYS Constitutional Convention

Thursday, April 27, 2017
This year, voters across New York State will be asked to vote on whether or not we should hold a constitutional convention. Below and on our website is a video that all members should watch. This video explains why voters are being asked to vote No on the constitutional convention and why it is bad for public employees and all New Yorkers.  The simple fact is that if the constitution is reopened, everything in the state constitution could be changed.  This means that they could take away our pensions, both for active members and members who are currently retired.  With 2017 being an off year for state elections, it is more important than ever for all members and their families to Vote No on the constitutional convention. We all need to spread the word and help educate your friends and family about why it is important that they Vote No as well. The video we helped produce is a good way to do just that, so feel free to share it on your social networks.   

Bargaining with County management continues as we negotiate a fair and equitable contract.  Please continue to Wear Red on Fridays to show your solidarity and support for your bargaining team during these negotiations and never forget or go off message: Suffolk County Works Because We Do.