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The Members will Decide Our Healthcare Future

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
In July of 2012, the then sitting AME President gave away our weighted vote and the controlling chair of SCOPE. SCOPE is the legal entity consisting of the heads of the Suffolk County Unions that negotiate your health benefits package with the County. When SCOPE incorporated, AME lost our ability to proportionally represent you in the health care negotiations process.
This ranks as the single biggest loss in our history, in my opinion. This most important function was given away before receiving approval from the AME Board of Directors. There were strong objections from the Board when the request to finance this change with AME dues money was presented but ultimately, there was little choice given to the Board at that time. It was a signed agreement, affecting the membership at large, without a choice given to the Board or the membership they represented.
I've said it many times, Suffolk Works Because We Do but, the simple fact is AME does not work unless we do. All of us. This union is a mass of people who provide most of the services the Suffolk County government offers to the taxpayers and those who work and visit this County. We are in many cases the first line of contact the world has with the government of Suffolk County. We act with professionalism and pride every day and at an average salary below the living wage line. Most of AME is working for the benefits that the County provides as a trade off to the greater pay offered in the private sector.
As your current President, it is one of the primary functions of my office to fight to maintain what we have gained throughout years of negotiations. As I've said above, I cannot do this without you. Without the knowledge that you will support my efforts to protect our pay, benefits, and safety I cannot take on this fight. To that end, I am asking each of you to sign in to our membership section of the AME website by following this link, and registering with us to take a simple survey. The survey should take 3-5 minutes but will provide valuable direct feedback from all of AME.
With this data, I can start the conversation necessary to begin correcting this major loss from 2012 and strong showing of responses to this survey will signal that AME members care about the health care changes.
Please do your part for yourself, your family, and your AME brothers and sisters.
Suffolk County Works Because We Do
AME Works Because You Do