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The Large Turnout at Post-Holiday Party was Well Noticed

Friday, February 2, 2018
Last week, more than 800 members and their loved ones joined us in celebration at our annual Post Holiday Party. Glasses were raised and bread was broken during this evening of festivity. Elected officials and Labor Leaders from across the region joined us in numbers unprecedented for AME's history; they were there to offer their support for their union and our mission and to witness firsthand this awesome demonstration of AME's ability to come together and draw crowds. A key indicator of any union's strength is its ability to mobilize and when we are able to draw a crowd in excess of 10% of our already impressive membership, people take notice.
Our Post Holiday Party, however, was not a call to arms; it was not a demonstration or rally but rather a celebration of comradery. This party was an opportunity to join with our AME brothers and sisters for an evening of merriment, dancing, and bonding. We chose to come together as a community in celebration, just as we choose to, disparate as we and our job titles may be, gather our numbers together as a collective of people with both the ability and the intent to leverage our joint power in the pursuit of fairness, equality, and respect.
Our mission is more than shared, we are bound to one another and we should all be proud of the individual roles we all play in this union-in this AME community. From our active and engaged membership, to our unit leadership, to your Executive Board, we each play an integral role in this community and we are stronger in totality for each individual contribution made. We are in this fight together regardless of what the powers that be may throw our way in their attempt to divide what we have collectively worked so earnestly to unite. This is our community. This is our County. This is our AME and Suffolk County Works, Because We Do.