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Ensuring the Best Contract For Our Members

Friday, May 11, 2018
With our union elections behind us, Suffolk AME is once again on the move. A week ago, I had the honor and privilege to speak at the Annual Workers Memorial Day event, honoring the men and women throughout the history of the labor movement, whose sacrifices paved the way for the safer working conditions that we enjoy today. We will continue to enhance our voice in the fight for better working conditions both in Suffolk County and around the State of New York.
Suffolk AME members continue to show their support for one another. On May 3rd AME held it's 26th Annual Fashion Show drawing our highest number of attendees who helped raise thousands of dollars for our scholarship fund, which distributes scholarships to the children and grandchildren of AME Members. With the skyrocketing costs of higher education these days, this annual fundraiser helps make a significant contribution in helping our kids pursue their dreams. I thank our entire staff and team of volunteers who made this a truly special event.

Moving forward, our number one priority in the weeks and months ahead is to deliver a solid contract that reflects the contributions and sacrifices we make daily. There's an old adage that says, "You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate." The Negotiating Team and I have made great progress in our ongoing contract negotiations with the county, but there is still more work ahead. We will not settle a contract that takes this union backwards or forces our members to do more with less. That is simply unacceptable. It is imperative that we attain the wages and benefits we rightfully deserve as the providers of essential services to all in Suffolk County; residents and visitors from the youngest to the oldest and everyone in between. And it is equally important for you to continue to show your support for our union, the collective voice of every one of us in AME, in order to give us the strongest position at the bargaining table. I want to thank you all for the faith you've placed in us as we continue to do all that we can to be worthy of your support! Suffolk Works, Because We Do!