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Con Con Turnout is Vital

Friday, October 13, 2017

Election Day is fast approaching and voters in New York will head to the polls to decide whether or not to hold a Constitutional Convention. Over the last few months, we have been talking to you about the dangers of holding this convention. At Suffolk AME, our main concern is, if this convention is held, delegates could propose to take away our right to a pension and to bargain collectively. We need all of our members and their families to unite in opposition to this referendum.  Political parties on all sides of the spectrum are opposed to holding this constitutional convention.   

If we are to defeat this convention, we will need to stay united as a union and turn out in record numbers at the polls to vote NO on 11/7/17.  Over the last few months we have come together to fight against the attacks on our health benefits. Below, I have included a video of dozens of members testifying at the Suffolk Legislature where they were supported by hundreds of their Brothers and Sisters dressed in red. Our union has also come together with great turnout at our union meetings. Thanks to this turnout, our members are better informed and are taking a more active role in our union. Fights like the one to protect our health benefits show us that when we stand united we can win.  Suffolk County Works Because We Do!