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Candidate Interviews Determine Our Future

Friday, July 21, 2017

We are just a few months away from very important elections in Suffolk County. These elections will determine who controls the legislature and for some of our members who their new bosses will be. Suffolk AME has completed the PAC screening process and met with candidates for the Suffolk County Legislature in all 18 Districts. Perhaps most important to the members who work in their departments, we also screened the candidates for County Sheriff and District Attorney. Finally, we sat down with both the Democratic and Republican Party chairs to discuss our issues and concerns with them as well.

Over the next few weeks, AME will be releasing the full list of candidates that we endorsed through the Suffolk Matters email, on our website SuffolkAME.org and in The Voice. These candidates will be the ones that our PAC committee felt would be the best for our workforce and for the entire County. I encourage you to stay tuned and to support these candidates in November.

As you will see below, Teamsters Local 812 has finally won a fair contract after being on strike against Clare Rose since the end of April.   Their members stood united and strong, walking the picket line every day, no matter the hour, the heat, the cold, or the rain. I am proud that many of our members stood with their union brothers and sisters, walking the picket line, bringing food, and letting them know that an affront to one union member is an affront to all union members. I encourage all of our members to remember this lesson and stay united through our contract fight. Suffolk County Works Because We Do.