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County Work is Piling Up - We Need More Help Out of Albany

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Radio ad transcript: County Caseworkers are carrying caseloads that are more than the recommended guidelines, and this hurts our most vulnerable population; our children. That’s why our union, Suffolk AME, is heading up to Albany this month to demand change. Lawmakers need to know that we need more people to get the job done. Suffolk residents contribute more in taxes than we receive in state aide. Suffolk deserves more, that’s why we’re going to Albany. Suffolk County works because we do.

A recent report commissioned by New York State recommended appropriate caseload levels for Child Protective Services Caseworkers. Following these best-recommended practices is imperative to the safety of our most vulnerable population: our children, whose safety is put in jeopardy when these guidelines are not adhered to. As of just last month, more than half of our Suffolk County Child Protective Service Caseworkers were carrying caseloads exceeding these recommended guidelines. On March 21st, Suffolk AME will be heading up to Albany for our annual Lobby Day of Action. We intend to tell our State representatives to follow the recommendations of their own report by enacting legislation that would require best-recommended practices be adhered to with regard to Child Protective Services caseloads. We are Suffolk AME and we are fighting for our members. We are fighting for our children. We are fighting for our Suffolk County.

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