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Update Your Beneficiary Form

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Deferred Compensation Plan conducted an RFP in 2015 and made the decision to go to one Plan Provider.  Unfortunately, the bid submitted by VALIC was not competitive.  All members with assets at VALIC were transitioned to T. Rowe Price.  While assets were automatically transferred over to T. Rowe Price, the beneficiary forms on file at VALIC were not transferred and members were asked to submit new beneficiary forms to T. Rowe Price.  If you did not do that, T. Rowe Price does not have beneficiary information on file for you and your assets may not be distributed in accordance with your wishes.  Please take the time to click here and download the linked form and follow the instructions on the form to submit your beneficiary designation.  Your current beneficiary designation, if one is on file, appears on the quarterly statement that you receive from T. Rowe Price.

NOTE:  An earlier draft message was posted in error. The reasons for switching to the current Provider were previously misstated.