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AME Member Saves a Life

Friday, December 22, 2017
Bryan Bobrowsky, PA, Forensic Investigator, and AME member assisted in the saving of a life. His account of the events are as follows:
"While responding back to the Suffolk County Medical Examiner office from another assignment I was monitoring command band on the police radio and heard a call for a possible heroin OD unconscious male in a vehicle on LIE W/B at exit 57 on the right shoulder.  I had just passed exit 58 and was approaching exit 57 when the call came in so I started to keep an eye out for the vehicle.   I advised police dispatcher I was in the area.   Second call from dispatch then stated now the vehicle was traveling with their hazard lights on W/B LIE.  At this point I noticed the vehicle was few car lengths ahead of me.  The vehicle then got off at exit 56 service road and I was behind the vehicle and turned on my overhead lights so they were aware I was there to help.   The vehicle pulled over and female driver got out and stated that her boyfriend had just shot up heroin.   The male passenger was unconscious with agonal respirations slumped forward in the seat. I advised command dispatcher of my location and license plate of the vehicle and requested EMS and MedCat if available. SCPD highway patrol pulled up and got out Narcan and asked for my assistance using Narcan. MedCat was a distance away.  While I set up the Narcan the HP officer was setting up the oxygen. I administered the Narcan and within few minutes the victim's breathing improved. Myself and the other HP officers kept the victim's airway open, provided oxygen until EMS arrived on scene and the victim was removed, was awake and, able to provide history to the paramedics.
This Narcan save is the result of our Narcan training recently done for the medical examiner staff and underscores our close working relationships with all sections of the SCPD including patrol, homicide, crime scene, Medcat team, and local EMS squads.  Glad we were able to identify the vehicle requiring Narcan and make a difference."
Great work, Bryan! The people of Suffolk County are again fortunate to have you.