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AME Convention

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
The 2017 AME Convention has come and gone. The sponsorship level achieved this year was the highest in AME history despite a 30% reduction in the amount charged for different sponsorship levels. There were 27 proposals that were deliberated on the floor this year, the delegates came together, discussed each one and worked as a team to either amend it, defeat it, or vote yes. You can be proud of your delegates they worked hard, made hard decisions and at the end of the day did an amazing job.
The delegate body also voted to have three of our Charter members made Life members. Congratulations to Kevin Caufield, Anna McCrone, and Josephine Riley. These members have selflessly devoted themselves to moving AME in a positive direction no matter what. It is with honor that the delegates could present this to these distinguished members of AME.
As to the convention business, it was discussed on the floor that the minutes from convention should not wait an entire year to be approved so a newly created minutes approval committee was voted in to shorten this process. There were several proposals that were housekeeping changes to correct errors in the document. Other proposals were submitted to clarify the intent of what was already in the document. Another change this year was to the Judicial Review Panel. The Judicial Review Panel has been revamped and renamed to conform with Roberts Rules of Order. Moving forward the JRP will be called the Committee on Discipline. The 7 members will be selected by lottery from the sitting Board of Directors for 4-month terms of office. An additional Change was made to improve trusteeship. The delegate body thought this section was important enough to garner an article of its own. The entire section was re-written including but not limited to, why a unit would be placed into trusteeship and how a unit may be removed from trusteeship.

The delegate body made many hard changes this year to help keep AME moving forward with the times. We want to thank everyone that discussed, debated and deliberated the 2017 Constitution & Bylaws proposals and we look forward to implementing these changes together. Suffolk County Works, Because We do!