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Retiree Corner

Welcome to the launch of the new and improved AME Website!

Here for the first time ever, is a drop-down page dedicated to AME Retirees! Many thanks to President Dan Levler and the current Executive Board for fulfilling this long standing request. With the addition of this new communication tool, we will be able to get information out to the geographically diverse retiree members in a much timelier and cost efficient manner. As stated in the last Retiree article in the AME Voice – AME is working towards advancing communication through technology. We understand that not all of our Retirees are computer savvy and again want to reassure that no one will be left out. So please take an extra moment to let us know if you have an email account or not so we can continue to take the necessary steps in improving and advancing communications.
This Page will also enable the Unit to cut costs on some of the mailings, printing and Election Postings which will create savings that can be returned to you in the form of social activities, scholarships, and giveaways. This Retiree Page will be used to post current information and status updates; information links specific to Retirees; concerns will be discussed in a ‘FAQ’ section (Frequently Asked Questions) and much more to be developed.The Health and Safety Committee meets on a regular basis to share information and strategies and to coordinate education and advocacy work on a range of issues. Committee participation is open to all affiliates. Our goal is to bring resources to bear on issues affecting member unions. To that end, we organize educational workshops and conferences and convene subcommittees on specific issues or projects.
Download the final list of Candidates for the Retirees Unit Election

Remember that your Unit Board is here to help you – do not hesitate to contact us! As Unit President of the Retiree Board, Josephine Riley can be contacted at 631-589-8400. As always... Be Proud to Be AME!

Retiree Unit Board
Josephine G Riley President
Sondra Palmer-Randall Exec. Vice President
Edward S Karmelin 1st VP
Robert Schroeder 2nd VP
Rosemaria Herlihy 3rd VP
Janet LaCascia 4th VP
Joseph Stasys 5th VP
Susan Smith 6th VP
Irene S. Kelly Secretary
Anna McCrone Treasurer


I'm apprehensive that my claims will be lost in the transition, who can I contact to check on my account?
Members can visit the "ASO" website at www.asonet.com to set up a secure account to view the progress of your dental claims. You can also contact "ASO" at 1-800-626-5562, Mon-Fri from 9am – 5pm.
Do I have to wait for a new coverage identification card before I can go to the dentist?
No, you do not have to wait for a new card to obtain dental services. New identification cards will be mailed out with your same Benefit Fund ID number. When you call for your appoint identify yourself as being covered by the "Suffolk County Municipal Employees Benefit Fund".
Will "ASO" honor my predeterminations that were approved by Healthplex or do I have to start the process over?
"ASO" will honor previously approvals providing the work is done prior to the expiration date; which expire on 12/31 of the following year they were issued.
Have my dental benefits changed?
There are NO changes to the Benefit Funds Dental Plan.
Do I need to change dentists?
No, all providers currently treating Plan Members will continue to participate in the plan. Also, "ASO" is working to expand the listing of participating providers in the near future. However, always verify your dentist is participating with the SCME Benefit Fund both when making your appointment and at the time of your visit.
I heard we have new dental insurance?
As of April 1, 2016 ‘Administrative Services Only’ (ASO) has replaced ‘HealthPlex’ as the new 3rd Party Dental Administrator. This is NOT a change in our insurance.

Volunteer Help Wanted

Seeking active Retirees interested in local government to attend Suffolk Legislature Meetings, take notes and report back to your Unit Board with items of interest to AME. Simply stated – there are many issues, many meetings and your Unit Board cannot cover them all.
If you have any questions please give us a call at 631-589-8400.