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  • Our Work Adds to Long Island’s Quality of Life

    Suffolk AME is working without a union contract but still hasn’t stopped serving Suffolk residents. Summer on Long Island is time to make family memories for a lifetime. From Montauk to Melville, Suffolk AME members work to...
  • Help a Fellow AME Member

    Joshua Mileto the 16-year-old son of one of our Medicaid Unit members tragically lost his life on Thursday, August 10, while participating in training drills for the upcoming football season.  AME extends our deepest...
  • Candidate Interviews Determine Our Future

    We are just a few months away from very important elections in Suffolk County. These elections will determine who controls the legislature and for some of our members who their new bosses will be. Suffolk AME has completed the PAC...
  • Save Your Pensions, Vote No on a NYS Constitutional Convention

    This year, voters across New York State will be asked to vote on whether or not we should hold a constitutional convention. Below and on our website is a video that all members should watch. This video explains why voters are being asked...

Vote No 2017 - No Constitutional Convention

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