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  • County Work is Piling Up - We Need More Help Out of Albany

    Radio ad transcript: County Caseworkers are carrying caseloads that are more than the recommended guidelines, and this hurts our most vulnerable population; our children. That’s why our union, Suffolk AME, is heading up to Albany...
  • We Deserve Better, Make Sure You Vote

    We have been organizing and preparing for our Lobby Day, and for the first time in our union's history, we are coordinating our Lobby efforts around the bigger picture. Ads will be running explaining...
  • Setting a Bad Precedent With Janus

    I wonder what would become of our democracy if the argument presented in the Janus v. AFSCME US Supreme Court case applied to other aspects of everyday life. I imagine that we can all agree that ordering and eating at a restaurant, then...
  • AME Needs to Get on the Bus

    In the past, I have often used this forum to discuss the importance of demonstrating our ability to organize and mobilize through political activism and engagement. The best way to hold influence over elected officials...

The Value in Being Union- Lynn Heiser

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