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  • Thank You For Your Support

    Suffolk AME is Suffolk County's largest municipal workforce. For over a year, you've heard our ads speak of our union's commitment to Suffolk residents, the essential services we provide and how our work adds to your quality...
  • County Work is Piling Up - We Need More Help Out of Albany

    Radio ad transcript: County Caseworkers are carrying caseloads that are more than the recommended guidelines, and this hurts our most vulnerable population; our children. That’s why our union, Suffolk AME, is heading up to Albany...
  • Setting a Bad Precedent With Janus

    I wonder what would become of our democracy if the argument presented in the Janus v. AFSCME US Supreme Court case applied to other aspects of everyday life. I imagine that we can all agree that ordering and eating at a restaurant, then...

Susan LaSala - Department of Social Services

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